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About Precourt

In 1911 Charles J. Precourt (dec. 1977) began a career as a builder and stone architect in the Boston area. His intent was to focus on the construction and design of elaborate stone installations and marble floors common to many of the most Charles J. Precourt (circa 1950)prestigious properties around the city. The integrity and grit that defined his approach to business and the company’s founding are evident in the stonework he supplied, still standing today.

He was joined in the middle part of the century by his son, Charles A. Precourt (dec. 2014), and the business evolved to include extensive stone sourcing/supply and fabrication abilities. “CAP” was a leading member of both the local construction trade and the national stone industry, known for his far-reaching travel to various quarries and fabricators across the country. Granites, marbles, limestones, bluestone, and slate were all familiar to Charlie, as were the hardworking people that supplied them. His respect for the various members of the trade and these varied materials allowed him to bring extensive knowledge and stone products to the Boston area.

The late part of the 20th century saw the business transform into its third and fourth generations, and grow to accommodate the varied tastes of the retail/residential market, as well as design/fabrication abilities afforded by advances in technology. Fully-automated machinery and digital drafting/template tools have allowed Charles J. Precourt & Son to work on some of the finest Boston and suburban residential projects of the last 30 years.

Today, we continue to respect the materials and techniques of old while they are integrated into the modern designs of the present. Our ability to source and fully-fabricate the timeless and local Rockport and Quincy granites is evidence to our intimate understanding of the Boston architectural landscape. We look forward to continuing to serve this ever-changing landscape with classical style and boundless creativity.


  • Founded 1911, currently in its fourth generation
  • Project portfolio extends from Boston to the Berkshires, out to Cape Cod and the Islands, as well as surrounding states throughout New England and the northeast
  • Materials include:
    • Granites from all over North America, as well as local Boston granites from Rockport and Quincy
    • Limestone from Indiana, Minnesota, and Wisconsin
    • Bluestone from New York and Pennsylvania
    • Slates from Vermont, Virginia, and Pennsylvania
    • Imported materials
  • Architectural consulting skills extend throughout
    project scope
  • Member of the Building Stone Institute
  • Building Stone Institute Member
  • Eight-acre property houses extensive inventory,fabrication shop, and office
  • 46 UNION AVE
  • 978-443-6717