Architectural stone fabrication, stone cutting with industrial cutting tools, hand chisel and fine sanding

Stone Fabrication

The heart of stone fabrication begins long before slabs land on a saw table or a stonecutter swings a hammer. The analysis of architectural plans and the subsequent drafting of finished stone shop tickets consumes a great deal of our energy and passion. We create all of our shop tickets in-house with AutoCAD, which allows us to work seamlessly with the various members of a construction team. Integrating these drafting abilities within our production staff allows for clear communication throughout fabrication. We inspect slabs/blocks individually and carefully, to assure they are free from seams and other defects that would affect their integrity.

Our current sawing capacity allows us to process a variety of different stone products throughout a daily work cycle, which often includes overnight automated work. Sawing processes include: typical slab jointing/custom shape sawing, cubic/monolithic work, planing/gauging, and profile/contour work. We handle a variety of thicknesses from 72” blocks down to 1/2” tiles. Our rough stone tools include a hydraulic, 5’ splitter that can process dimensional veneer, rough curbing, or assist in slab management for rock-face work. We compliment this with the traditional stone-splitting technique that uses “pins and feathers” to split stone along its natural grain.

As stone enters the texture phase of fabrication, we again inspect the material for evidence of imperfection, and handle/package products to assure they arrive as specified. We are capable of numerous, manually applied stone finishes, as well as several different slab textures that can be individually modified to suit the client’s tastes. Achieving this level of detail is an investment we make in every job, and has defined our approach to this craft since 1911. Each stone, like every project they build, is an individual unit and we treat them as such by taking extra time to assure the necessary dimensional and texture specifications are both consistent and as intended.


  • Full-time, AutoCAD equipped draftsmen
  • Park Industries Profile Gantry Saw
  • Park Industries 5’ Hydraulic Splitter
  • Park Industries Wizard Radial Arm
    Polishing and Finishing Tool
  • Pelligrini Slabbing and
    Contour Wire Saw
  • Hand-operated air equipment:
    bush-hammer, chisel finish, and carving tools
  • Hand-carved lettering, finials, and ornamental work
  • Multiple finish-texture capabilities:
    smooth/sawn, honed, polished, brushed, hammered, chiseled, flamed, sandblasted
  • Core drilling equipment
Charles A. Precourt
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