Architectural stone delivery, site work, installation tools. boom truck, vaccum lift and sling

Installation, Site Work & Consulting

The hands-on nature of stone fabrication demands attention to the physical processes that are the backbone of our work. However, the planning for and specification of a stone’s placement within a structure or landscape consumes a great deal of time and intellectual energy. We bring the full weight of our history to this aspect of our mission. Consulting on projects large or small includes many services that are accessory to our fabrication of finished stone products.

The proximity to our work, as well as our experience with the often changing nature of site conditions allows us to make quick and thorough changes to drawings and/or specifications, and often fabrication processes, as site conditions evolve. We are always “on-call” to make visits to architectural offices, stone sources, and jobsites during all phases of the construction process. This often includes jobsite measurement and template drafting, both of which are assisted by our digital templating equipment. This information allows us to be an integral part of both the design and construction process, assisting architect and mason alike in the creation of stone facades and landscapes.

Delivery and install round out our consulting and sitework abilities. We often work with masons and builders to facilitate the delivery and installation of finished stonework, especially in areas that make typical handling techniques unavailable. Our boom truck delivery radius extends throughout New England and the Cape Cod/Island region, as well as into the heart of downtown Boston.


  • Job consulting includes: architectural office visits, architectural plan review/takeoffs/specification assistance, site visits, “as-built” measurements, masonry/subcontractor consulting
  • Proliner digital template tool: takes three-dimensional, “as-built” data that can be used to recreate existing profiles, design site layouts, and craft custom templates
  • Vaccum lift, sling, and cradle equipped crane truck can lift and set 5 tons in a 360-degree circle and set within 12 feet of the truck.
  • Dump truck can transport 15 tons of bulk material at once
  • Access to tractor-trailer transport and other crane truck services for long-distance hauling and city-rooftop deliveries.